Im a Slavic 19yo Dominatrix based in Berlin. Femdom/foot fetish content creator and lifestyle Mistress.
My style is a combination of opposing qualities: charming innocense and sadistic mind, so be ready to feel the contrast between my looks and the real dominance I operate.

I started practicing domination more then 2 years ago online, after some time I withdrew my passion on proffessional level and started training slaves in real life. Since then, I had plenty sessions with multiple subs and I know exactly what I want and like. In normal life Im friendly and polite, but spontaneous, strict and mercilles in private. Besides my young age, I discovered my power very early which is a huge plus for me. I enjoy putting men in uncomfortable positions where they’re able to lose a sense of control and suffer for young adorable Lady. One of my favourite kinks is power exchange and I can feel it the most while dominating older, successful in normal life men, I find it especially fun and attractive.

 My perfect slave is well mannered, reliable person who sticks up to his promises. The best kink match is classic femdom lover, female supremacy believer, masochist or latex/ foot fetishist (a mix of everything is perfect). 


Message me in Whatsapp for arrangement (NO CALLS), or by email. You will find details of booking and my rules on my website, ciao!


On request

By request