Mistress Katarina


Domination is a natural way of expressing myself. I love the depth of extreme emotions and excitement that comes with it. The sessions became my performances, where I pull all the strings, creating scenes full of fantasies and unique experiences. I will find a way to make you my toy and I will have so much fun watching you falling deeper into the submission.

Classic domination is one of my favorite ways to lead a session. I enjoy gentle introductions, as well as the coldness of sadism and strict protocol. The sadistic urge inside let me constantly discover new ways of punishment. Depending on your preferences, I can be subtle and spank you without causing any visible marks or leave you with bruises bringing back memories of Me even weeks after.

On the other hand, I truly love feminization – and I don’t mean only preparing your new outfit, but also working on your attitude, your voice, or your walking style. The more girly you behave, the more pleasure I’m willing to give to you. If you don’t behave correctly, I know so many effective ways to tame you.

I treat every session in an individual way and take our arrangements very seriously, creating a space where you can be truly yourself and embrace your desires under my guidance. So let me in. Sink in my beauty, sink in my words, sink all the way in, and give me your trust.

Sessions are available in English and Polish.


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