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I am a mixture between a kinky playmate and a strict, strong sadist queen. I like to play erotical games on the one side and on the other side I like to play with submission and a soft receptive and empathic pillow where you can rest after all.
And there’s still more, because we could enjoy together a sensual and deep erotic trip where our bodies touches each others, in a totally intimate red light scenario.
I love to be a guide for beginners too, I’ll take your hands (probably tied) and let you overcome the boundaries and uncertainties, upgrading your experience to the next level.
Or, why not, since I always love the opposites, I could welcome you in my benevolence to touch and caress my cozy body, or I could let your tired head be comforted by my big breast like if you were my child, singing you a lullaby while you fall asleep in a suspended moment in time, far from the outside world and its struggles and chaotic stress.